Shot in the Dark Nite Golf Sept. 16



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Our Cause, our Karma


We create unique local (Leduc, Alberta and surrounding areas) entertainment events that connect, engage, build memories, and generate funds in supporting music and arts program for our youth.


Exciting events and supporting bright futures within the arts and music sector for youth in Leduc and area.

core values:

  • Leadership: We aim to reimagine excellence in fundraising with enthusiasm for fun, entertaining, and community engaging events that benefit local youth. May our passion and innovation be an inspiration to all!
  • Win-Win-Win: We win through the opportunity to serve community doing what we love; bringing music to the community, bringing people together, giving back to the community. Youth win through the access to funding, creative outlets to explore their creativity and have ability to grow and prosper. Partners win through the mutual benefits of collaboration, networking and projects that focus on a common goal to support youth.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility individually and collectively to create a quality, sustainable organization that operates in an honest and transparent manner and is prudent in the use of financial and volunteer resources.
  • Diversity: We embrace and include diverse strengths, skills, and perspectives that contribute to memorable fundraising activities.
  • Integrity:  We commit to an objective, fair and impartial process for making decisions regarding the distribution of funds generate through our efforts.

Our Events:

Click on the photos to learn more about our yearly events in Leduc!

Karma Spring ConcertKarma KOZ Summer Concert SeriesKarma Shot in the Dark Golf Tournament


If you would like to give your support, please make a donation online  or contact one of our board members. If you're looking for something fun to do in Leduc, check us out! 





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